About The Girl Who is Building A Museum

leina thailand 2007
Leina Isno on her November birthday on board a cruise night trip in Bangkok, Thailand 2010. Photo Credit: Leina Isno

Welcome to my page!

It is all about my life experiences and what I have learnt so far from being exposed to a different world-life outside of a traditional village in the South Pacific.
I carry my tribe called “Denemus” which is part of my web address closely to my heart as it was where I grew up, learnt my cultural values, lived off the land and the sea, with my family.

Lumete Beach, Vanuatu is where I grew up. This is my homeland. Photo Credit: Leina Isno

I was very fortunate to have met many people of all backgrounds. These people entered my life for a reason and helped shaped me for who I am today. For that I am continually being grateful to have as close friends. These close friends have become my family. I have also invested in these relationships-many of them were important to my growth and development, both personally and professionally.

I went out of my way to not sit back and expect things to happen. I invested in networking-I had to overcome a lot of fear, learn to build up my confidence in a foreign country and took some very big risks. They were in fact the scariest times of my life where I had to trust my gut instincts, get support from my friends and sought professional help to foster my career and move ahead in life.

My fathers advice that would remain with me for a very long time was the fact that he dictated to me “Leina you have to spend money to make money!” as we were sipping on our hot chocolates near the beach in Seatoun, Wellington, New Zealand. I’ll never forget that advice. Over the years, I’ve come to realise what it really meant in terms of investment and passive income.

hot chocolate
Hot chocolates are the best. They often come with marshmellows and chocolate fish in New Zealand cafes.

Today September 4th of 2016, I have especially thought about my father and all the father figures everywhere who have contributed, influenced and made a difference to my career growth and personal development. Oh yes, I have failed the challenge so many times. These were my favourite times, on reflection.

They grew me and moulded me. They challenged me to be adaptive and flexible. They taught me to become more opinionated and take action. They led me to a lot of adventures and discoveries. They challenged me to live life to the fullest. They shaped me to become more stronger in the face of disaster and face life’s toughest challenges. I became fiercely independent and resilient. I learnt to fight my own problems, navigate challenges and create solutions to solve and move forward in life without having my parents and family. behind every girl

Here is my first time being a blogger; a little something from my auto-biography book which I hope to publish one day as a book. This book I hope would capture and document my life’s journey, the vast experiences and exposure to a life outside of a traditional village in the South Pacific. gratitude

If you knew me well enough, you would know that I like setting life goals and achieving them. I became a girl with big dreams. I was transformed. I became career-driven with a vested interest in Philanthropy. But more importantly, I have not given up my strive to making a difference. A difference that started at home with investing in women and communities locally, especially the rural communities of Melanesia but globally too with becoming a humanitarian.

A little about me-My Business Card reads:

(Alongside my accomplishments in the last 15 years of my career, the year of 2019 sees me starting my journey of undergraduate studies to become a Medical Doctor at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand).

New Zealand Registered Comprehensive Nurse


New Zealand Independent Marriage Celebrant


Linguistic Consultant

Real Estate Investor

Community Volunteer