Diversifying My Professional Pursuits

“Don’t let the opinions of an average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you’re crazy. Succeed and he thinks you’re lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn’t understand.” Robert G. Allen

I’ve become so motivated by the wise words of Mr Allen above. Nothing else is going to stop me. I’ve set goals. I am driven by them. I have a vision board that reminds me of whats important. I have written out 8 pages of these goals and how I am going to achieve them. They have times on them. They are long term goals. These goals have a certain theme to them-to help me achieve financial independence so I can live a lifestyle that I truly want. That goal is contributing to the work of humanity in this world and to build a cultural museum for the children. Ms Ardern the Prime Minister of New Zealand tells us all to Dream Big!

My business card is busy.  It reads a signficant amount of hats that I wear proudly. I worked hard to gain some extra qualifications; a Postgraduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing, a Postgraduate Certificate and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences in addition to my Bachelor of Nursing as well.

The roles include being a New Zealand Registered Comprehensive Nurse, a Humanitarian, an Independent Marriage Celebrant, a Writer and a Blogger, a Ninde Language (Vanuatu) Consultant with Bislama translations and interpretation interests for freelance work, a Real Estate Investor, a Community Volunteer and an Entrepreneur. I’ve worked hard to earn them. I chose to. At a community event where I was giving a talk to the villagers in 2015-I counted 17 hats that I wore or had responsibilities to! Some of these hats were short term but required a lot of accountability and transparency for success. I believed in those roles and I saw the benefits in taking the roles and contributing to moving forward. Just like I was taught to diversify my stocks and investments, I chose to invest in the power of knowledge with execution-to volunteer and build my community. Juggling Multiple Projects

Despite being a health professional, a service I have dedicated to for over 14 years saving lives every day I still value my time into being a community volunteer in the city I live in. This is the biggest value I have gained from my contribution into community projects-all for FREE with no monetary gains. It has taught me so much and is the most satisfying. That I am and will be forever grateful for.

I’d like to share a few advice that I have learnt so far with diversifying my professional pursuits-they are common which a few entrepreneurs would agree with me with creating multiple streams of income. While many have critcised me for juggling too many balls in the air, not being productive and spreading myself too thin, many have also sung praises for the energy I had. I had one true goal in mind and that was establishing my financial security long term. In her book  “Entrepreneurial You” Dori Clark emphasised the importance of diversifying your income and career so you are never left in the lurch if you lose your job. The one crucial point that she made for me was by having multiple jobs and income sources so it helps with developing more skills and building that personal brand.

Everyone needs to understand that they are unique. No one person is the same. Each person has unique gifts, abilities, life experiences and value to offer. We all have 24 hours a day,168 hours in one week and how we choose to spend it is entirely up to us. Some of us choose to build on these values by improving ourselves while others choose not to. One reason people succeed is that they have knowledge others don’t have. That means they have clarifed their unique value. They carefully package this unique value and sell it to others. I am doing the same with being an Independent Marriage Celebrant for example. It involves being creative, public speaking skills and selling that personality.Wedding Celebrant

These days the ability to network is valuable and proves a lot of worth. We get so creative with getting professionals or close friends together to work on projects or to find commonalities and grounding. The value of identifying and serving that market is also crucial because when we offer those skills-there is a potential source of income right there. We build that community, we identify their desires and we create and customise the solution. We launch the products or the service at a cost to create the income. We identify the niche in the market to fulfil it. I do that using my freelance work with the translations. I am also hoping to do that with publishing my first childrens book that I had written out in a few other languages for marketing purposes. But longterm-wise, my ability to recognise the value in leveraging from real estate has served me well. It has created a little side income for me.  I encourage you to do the same too.

The biggest lesson in life that I have learnt is the value of mentorship. I did not have one mentor. I had multiple. I had people who influenced me in my different stages of life and journey. I went out to find them. I volunteered with my community roles to find these valuable people. I made the effort and I did not hold back. I had a goal to achieve. I had dreams and aspirations. I wanted to share my goals with someone I could trust, someone I believe could work with me, someone who believed my goals and who believes in me. I worked around how I was going to achieve those big goals. The last 10 years was focused on educating myself and investing in self-development. I have spent hundreds of hours at the Wellington City Central Library. There I worked on crafting, honing, and moulding my brand through reading hundreds of books per year. It is the real estate investor brand. It was such a huge risk but it has been worthwhile. I had trouble finding a mentor despite the numerous efforts in seeking a mentor in that field. I have yet to find that mentor. I believe I will. This will be the person who will help me soar. Mentorship

The passion and love for reading books helped me become a bookwormer too. I loved reading about the real estate and keeping up with the market. I loved attending multiple real estate seminars and networking. The little steps and habits that I created each day helped me focus and minimise the calculated risk. I had to take a lot of self responsibility to grow, develop, make life changing decisions and choices to look after my retirement planning.

The power of diversifying your professional pursuits or career is extremely beneficial. It helps you build your skills and your brand. Trust me, it does!

Dream career

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