A New Generation of Leaders-Dream big!

On thursday evening (19/10/2017) as I was sitting in the private hospital under a cosy warm heater waiting for a dinner event at the beautiful wagamama on the Wellington’s waterfront-I learnt that New Zealand has a new Prime Minister. Its a woman. Its the third Woman Prime Minister. Her name is Jacinda Ardern and she is only 37!

Relentlessly Positive. Elegant. Beautiful. Warm. Passionate. Confident. Inspirational. Young. Energized. Humbled. She has been through so much leading up to the election as she was thrown into the “deep end” from the seven weeks. Whats not to like about her?

I went blank. I had so much thoughts to process. As an investor who owns a business, some of the Labour Party policy I disagreed on strongly like bringing in more tax. Yes, the social system here needs a lot of resusitation. It urgently needs it. The country is in a better financial position to be able to do a lot more-I agree but we need to educate a lot more people to work. There are genuine cases of people who needed that resusitation. These genuine cases needed that necessary safety net to help them get through. Others rely heavily on the social welfare system to supplement their income without any work. The group of people who expect benefits without work have been my envy-they make my blood boil!

I was taught to work hard for value and worth. That message was instilled in me from a very early age. We had to sweat for it. I have practiced that over the many years-I wasn’t lazy. I needed a lot of guidance, direction and support to do that. Through the years, as I finished university, I was taught and exposed to the ideas of setting smart goals and to dream big! I worked hard with remoulding myself and developing smarter networks that were related to my goal and my financial future.

Ms Adern urges us all to dream big. Dream Big! If she can become the Prime Minister of New Zealand, if she can make it to the top job, we can too. We can do anything. I believe that. She has set a standard for me. A platform to follow. She has created the unthinkable. Dreams

There is a generation of young leaders rising. In France, Emmanuel Macron 39 is the Prime Minister. In Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman 39 is their youngest ever Prime Minister and so was Juri Ratas, 38 from Estonia. Macedonia had it’s youngest Prime Minister too-Emil Dimitriev who is only 38. Its heartwarming to see our youngest female Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The youngest Prime Minister was elected this month in Austria. Sebastian Kurz is only 31!

In the Pacific, we need more young leaders. We need the young, vibrant, innovative and dynamic leaders. We desperately need our women leaders. We need staunch advocates who can help build the ecomony. We need leaders with vision who can create, recognise, educate and build resilient communities, villages and nations. We need leaders who can revive our agricultural industries and trade to bring hope to our grass roots and farmers. We need leaders who will maintain the value of our customs and cultures in this bigger global village with the balance of technology in hand. We need that balance and injection of experienced leaders who can guide us young leaders to perform on the international stage. But more importantly, we need more Jacinda Arderns of the Pacific to take the lead for change! Oprah

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