Taking the Raging Bull by the Horn!

The fearless statue of the bronzed girl who appeared opposite to the raging bull statue on Wall Street in New York is empowering!

It spoke volumes to me. It gave me great strength and grit to follow on with my personal journey and more importantly my financial one to independence. Her face and posture are confident and strong as she stares down the raging bull. The name of the girl statue is “Fearless Girl” That dictates a lot of characteristics and traits that a young woman should develop and maintain. These would then become her brand and true values. It reflected the powerful brand of “women in leadership.” I am sure Jacinda Ardern would embrace this slogan wholehearted as she campaigns for her partys leadership for the next New Zealand Government.

The last few weeks have seen me do a lot of reflective thinkings. They were thoughts about planning my future. Thoughts about my SMART goals. Thoughts about my journey in a completely different world. Thoughts about my role modelling to the younger generations of both New Zealanders and Ni-Vanuatus. Thoughts about having backup plans-those Plan B when Plan A falls through-having exit plans. Thoughts about re-writing and re-editing my life goals. Thoughts about making time to re-create my social venture and raising that capital. Thoughts about raising my assets and adding value to have more capital gains. Thoughts about having a investing in more real estate as it had become a hobby-turned obession. These are opportunities that a lot of people do not see. Thoughts about raising the status of the women in the rural areas of the Pacific with my little side business of importing mamas baskets (the traditional flax plants) to help with the Pepi-Pods or Wahakura. These are crucial to save babies lives during the first 6 weeks-months of life. Thoughts about starting that social charity through this business for our Pacific Women. Thoughts about going back to University to study; be it Medicine or International Relations. Thoughts about re-visiting my homeland, my nativeland, my tribal land to revitalise and rejuvenate the land, the sea and the environment. Thoughts of finding love of my life; of sharing and supporting that vision together. Thoughts about starting a family together. Thoughts about spending time with my parents and those who love and adore me. But more importantly thoughts about when I would be called by the International Red Cross to contribute my humanitarian skills to the world’s most disadvantaged people. I am still not content with resting on my laurels.

My friend Emalanie Case (www.hewahipaaki.wordpress.com) who blogs a lot summed it up beautifully for me. She wrote on her social media discussion:

There is healing in sharing. When I admit my fears and insecurities, mistakes and failures, I let people know that it is ok to do the same and to see the falls, the obstacles, the hardships, and the heartbreaks. It is through these that opportunities rise. When people engage in sharing their stories, be it through commenting or writing back, we rise together. These stories reach people and have the potential to impact.

The motivational article by Kim Kiyosaki “Be Fearless, Ladies” is always insightful and gives us a different version of being powerful. I agree with her. Financial Intelligence is the key to female strength. You can read more of it here: http://www.richdad.com/Resources/Rich-Dad-Financial-Education-Blog/MArch-2017/How-to-Really-Empower-Women.aspx

Control your money

When women are in control of their money, they have the power and the freedom to make their own decisions, without anything or anyone standing in their way. If you’re a woman reading this blog and single like me-try it-do it! My experience has been that despite my parents obligations-I have the power to say no. It gives me freedom and independence but more importantly, it gave me the ability to prioritize whats important in life. Its a common excuse for women to constantly argue with-“but I don’t make enough!” Let me tell you this-I am still investing at 8% in my superannuation scheme called KIWISAVER Investments event hough it has been tough for the last 5 years. I had completely drained it to help me with my first deposit to entering real estate investment. But I had to maintain it and keep adding to it. It was the right thing to do. I always made sure that when I didn’t have enough-I was constantly looking at ways to supplement that income-be it through baby sitting or freelance translations or offering to do extra work with my employer or upgrading my skills through education so I can offer paid work services.

Yes it’s not the lack of money that holds people back-it’s the lack of education. Go out and be that hungry wolf for education. There are lots of free resources and tools to help you get ahead. You just have to develop and maintain that motivation to help you with that financial IQ.

What is Financial IQ?

Kim Kiyosaki summed it up into four broad areas: Its about Accounting, Investing, Understanding Markets and the Law.

Accounting is financial literacy or the ability to read numbers. It’s fundamental to understanding every facet of your finances. Without the ability to read and understand financial statements, assess your income and liability statements, and identify strengths and weaknesses, you will have no hope of being in control of your money.

Investing is the science of “money making money.” This involves understanding the different asset classes and learning everything you can about the different types of investing. Once you know how to grow your money through investing, you will be on the path to financial freedom.

Understanding markets is the science of supply and demand. You need to know the technical aspects of the market, which are emotion-driven, in addition to the fundamental or economic aspects of an investment. Does an investment make sense or does it not make sense based on current market conditions?

A person who understands the tax advantages and protections provided by a corporation can get rich so much faster than someone who is an employee or a small-business sole proprietor. It’s like the difference between someone walking and someone flying. The difference is profound when it comes to long-term wealth.

Its terrifying that we tend to lean towards the excuse of not wanting to create financial wealth. Just remember this advice-“Knowledge is power” so go out and start building and executing that dream of financial freedom. I did just that. I don’t have any regrets at all even though it was tough doing it all single-handedly. It made me understand more of my finances. It gave me freedom and independence. It takes determination and education. Remember, Be like “Fearless Girl” you can stare down your fear and discover your power!

Don’t be afraid of numbers. Learn them and learn to read the story they tell.

Learn about the different investment classes. Little by little, step by step build your knowledge until you are ready to invest.

Begin following the markets-study the way they change based on global events and emotions. Discover how they impact on your investment choice.

Take a lawyer who specialises in tax codes to breakfast or lunch. They will teach you how the rich use the tax codes to their advantages.

I am writing a book on my personal journey to help young women like you to take that first fearful step towards financial freedom. A book I hope will provide insight to why I decided to head in a different direction. It will outline what I did and invested my time and skills into for a special someone who has doubts. I believe in sharing and teaching. It is all about supporting that one girl, that one woman, that one wahine, that one wataworhx to achieve her financial independence. I believe we are stronger together. By helping that one woman find her strength, we all find our power. That would really mean the world to me.

It won’t be long before I will be settling another real estate investment-it will hopefully be a residential investment. These are goals to venturing onto commercial real estate. I have built enough real estate equity to allow me to do so. It will help boost my journey towards financial independence and freedom sooner. It will help me refocus on my countless thoughts and plans that drive me as discussed earlier. Thats a fact and goal.  Fearless Girl #2



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