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Kia Ora from the land down under; the windy capital city Wellington, New Zealand, well known for it’s popular slogan “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day!” It is the Coolest Little Capital in the World as described by The Lonely Planet and taken to the next level by the Huffington Post as The Little City that Could and Did.

The Grand Beehive. Photo Credit: NZ Parliament

It is a popular place where you could possibly find hobbits and giants at the weta caves.

Weta Caves
Weta Workshop Giants. Photo Credit: Neat Places- Photographer Naomi Haussmann 

You can catch a glimpse of the World of Wearable Arts show with outstanding costumes and models in the city during the spring season if you’re in town.

Lady of the Wood wins World of Wearable Arts Crown in 2009. Photo Credit: Stuff 

You could catch a good surf at the Lyall Bay beach, eat the best cronuts at Moore Wilsons and indulge in our vibrant nightlife or better still have a hot chocolate-Oh the best!

Lyall Bay
Surfing at Lyall Bay in Wellington. Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

You could even catch the Tranz-Metro train to the amazing city of Porirua to solve a mystery crime at the Royal New Zealand Police College Museum,

The Royal New Zealand Police College in the distance. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Or admire the great works of William Truebridge’s father, David with his beautiful lighting fixtures at the Pataka Museum.

Photo Credit: Pataka Museum 

You can have a cold glass of a Marlborough sauvignon blanc with fish and chips from the Plimmerton Fish Supply on the Plimmerton beach, watch the beautiful summer sunsets, soak your feet in the warm salty water and inhale the cool refreshing sea breeze. You could applaud the windsurfers around the Mana Marina stretching towards the beautiful Titahi Bay and Plimmerton coastlines.

Plimmerton Boating Club
Photo Credit: Plimmerton Boating Club

If yoú have your hiking boots, you could take the hike challenge of the popular Te Araroa’s new stairway to heaven; the Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay Escarpment Track to soak in the beauty of the Kapiti Coast.

Photo Credit: Spin the Windrose

Or better still you could explore our Te Ara Piko Pathway along the famous Camborne Walkway. You can go for a hokey pokey ice cream at the Pauatahanui General Store or relax with the best shot of latte (or the best hot chocolate) at the Ground Cafe next to our Lighthouse Cinema.

Te Ara Piko
Swans in the Porirua Harbour 

Whitireia Park provides a safe haven for writers to reconnect with nature and smell the ocean’s salt water crashing on the rocks below,

Whitireia Park
Photo Credit: TripAdvisor 

Or you can explore the famous Battle Hill Farm and Forest as it is enriched with a historical background of the local iwi tribe. It ensures for a cooler and secured spot for a picnic by the running stream.

Battle Hill
Photo Credit: Department of Conservation NZ

Of course you could end it off reminiscing with the fact that you are in the city where Mr Whittaker lives and is constantly producing the Worlds best and divine chocolates. To top it all off, Yes Nigella Lawson makes it all worthwhile!

Nigella Lawson
Photo Credit: The Register

I am a first time blogger and I’ve had to regather my countless thoughts and ideas towards writing an auto-biography book in the near future. I am hoping that through this regular blogging, over time it will lead to publishing my first book.

Photo Credit: Elite Publishing 


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